Library usage information for users who prefer English

The library provides the members of the university with the necessary literature and information for teaching and learning. Subject-wise, the library reflects the university’s courses of study which means that literature on applied sciences such as architecture, engineering, economics, social studies and similar topics is offered.

The library’s collections consist of both printed and digital material. This includes books and journals, but also access to various databases and individual articles. Using the library is free of charge.

Regular opening hours

During the lecture and examination phase
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm

Loan modalities

Loan period: 4 weeks, multiple renewals possible
Journals and items from the reference collection cannot be borrowed

Library catalogue and user account

The catalogue is a good starting point for any kind of research as it provides information on most of the library’s collections, including specific databases. The majority of the databases can be found on the library’s website.

The user account is accessible through the catalogue. It provides an overview for borrowed and requested items as well as fees, should there be any. Specific search queries and search result lists can be saved for later use.

 Accessing the collections

All printed publications are organised according to subject. Books on the same or similar topics are grouped together. Each specific subject is depicted by a number which is part of the shelf number of each book.

Broad subjects are identified by colour to make orientation within the library easier. There are information panels throughout the library and the colour scheme is also used on the bookshelves and the books.

On-campus, electronic media as well as licenced databases can be accessed from any computer within the university network. Off-campus, access is provided via VPN, Shibboleth or ezProxy.

 Borrowing, renewing and returning media

The loan period for books is four weeks and can be renewed multiple times within a six-month period. Should an item be needed longer than that it has to be presented at the service desk. The loan period cannot be renewed when a book has been requested by another user.

Items can be checked out at the service desk or at the self-serve stations. During opening hours, books can be returned at the service desk. Outside of opening hours, they can be returned using the book-return bin at the rear of the library building.

The loan period can be renewed in the user account, at the service desk, via e-mail or phone. The receipt is sent to the user’s university e-mail account as the library uses e-mail for most notifications.

Journals and items from the reference collection can only be used in the library.

 Working in the library

The library serves as a place of learning and working. There are 200 work stations, 40 of which are equipped with computers. A number of single and group-study rooms are available and can be booked via the website, e-mail, phone or at the service desk.

A printer, a copying machine and two scanners are provided by the library. Scanning is free of charge, but printing and copying costs 5 cents/page. The user card is rechargeable and can be used for payment.

The library provides Wi-Fi via Eduroam. It is also possible to borrow technical equipment (e. g. notebooks) and certain accessories (e. g. flash drives or power banks) for a few days.

 Training courses

The library offers a variety of training courses and workshops which are open to all users of the library free of charge. These include courses on research and information management as well as different aspects of academic writing. For authors of academic papers, the library offers publication counselling and also support during the entire research process.